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Our Testimonials

Bride in white wedding dress at countryside. Desktop Image

“I am so thankful for Della Curva. I came all the way from Las Vegas to get my wedding gown from Della Curva for two reasons. Plus size and and black dresses! I am on the smaller end of plus size 16-18 but I wanted an experience that I knew I couldn't get at regular shops. And I was also on the hunt for the perfect black dress for my Halloween wedding. My entire family agreed that a black dress was the color for me and Della Curva has the best selection to choose from. Including the new Casa Blanca black and nude dress named Eloise, once I laid my eyes on her on Instagram I knew that one was for me. During my appointment I tried on a few other styles and the more traditional ivory dresses that were picked out by Ruby. I loved the options that Ruby picked out for me and almost ended up going with an ivory dress with a black belt, but knew that I needed to have Eloise for my special day. I'm really thankful for Ruby offering her opinions about each dress because it was nice to have a non-boded opinion or see things that I didn't. I will have to have my dress tailored back home, but Ruby let me know that she this is the stuff she lives for, so if I need ANYTHING to please contact her. Ruby also made to easy to shop during COVID-19. We wore our masks and had a temperature taken prior to entry and used hand sanitizer! It is definitely possible to wedding shop in this pandemic. It was certainly worth the trip to come out here to California!”

Jessica G. Las Vegas, Nevada

“Absolutely MARVELOUS experience all around! Merrick was so amazing from the moment we walked in the door. They have a great selection which sets you up for a wonderful experience! She worked with me on style, budget, and even tried a few I'd never have picked off the rack (which ended up being the one )!! As a medical professional I felt completely safe there as they have wonderful precautions in place, very clean, and I felt very comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend all curvy girls to check them out, it was the best experience to not feel self-conscious while trying on these gowns for my special day. I loved this experience and I couldn't be happier! So thankful to Merrick and Della Curva for this experience!! 1000000 across the board.”

Elena S. Huntington Beach, CA

“Ruby and Merrick were absolutely wonderful at making sure I had the best experience!!! I was so afraid at first to look for dresses, because most bridal places may say they have plus sizes but their dresses aren't flattering at all! Once I came to Della Curva, I knew I had come to the right place! All their dresses were and are so stunning, I could not believe that they came in my size! Not only were they my size, they were very flattering to my figure too. I am extremely grateful to the Della Curva family for really making my dreams come true in finding my perfect dress!!”

Ellie A, Calabasas, CA

"Wow is all I can say. I don't even have words to describe how amazing this place is. From the second I walked in to the moment I walked out they made me feel so beautiful, loved and important. Merrick took such great care of me and my family. She listened to what I was looking for and she helped me find the perfect dress. The owner Burt was also there and he was such a sweetheart and took great care of my friends and fam while Merrick was lacing up my dresses for me."

Delaney, United Kingdom

I'm not even gonna go into the sense of relief I felt when I could actually fit into the samples instead of essentially holding it up and saying "just use your imagination". I'm not gonna lie, the first dress I tried on was the one. I knew it, but wanted to give the others a shot too. I found a very very close second choice, but in the end, I had found my dress. It was way more of an AHA moment than the previous dress I thought was it.


I just picked up my dress this weekend and I couldn't be happier!! Not only did I find the dress of my dreams, I felt like I was truly part of the Della Curva family.

Sarabeth, Los Angeles, CA

“I was so nervous about going dress shopping. As soon as I walked into Della Curva, I knew I had nothing to worry about.”

Carla Erica R., Aliso Viejo, CA

“They make you feel comfortable, welcome, and relaxed. No high pressure sales tactics here. The salon is beautiful and so are the gowns.”

Val B., Coachella, CA

“Every time I come across a plus size bride-to-be, I make sure they know about Della Curva. It’s a must for all future curvy brides.”

Martha C., Corona, CA

“Any prospective brides out there who are thinking of going to Della Curva: DO NOT HESITATE! Seriously, I can’t speak highly enough of Della Curva and the entire staff! I am not a terribly romantic person (for instance I know I’m never going to cry over a dress) but my experience at Della Curva was downright magical!”

Samantha R., El Cerrito, CA

“Truly a 5 star experience. Della Curva – because every bride deserves to feel beautiful.”

Lindsay, P., Los Angeles, CA

“From the moment we entered the shop, we were treated with great care and professionalism.”

Wendy M., Valencia, CA

“For all brides-to-be size 16+, look no further than Della Curva! Don’t waste your time going anywhere else but here!”

Amy B., Calabasas, CA

“This store is IT for Plus-Size women that want to look and feel beautiful on their special day.”

Jen B., Laguna Niguel, CA

“I was BLOWN AWAY by this beautiful boutique! It is stunning and for a plus sized girl I felt so comfortable and at home!”

Michelle H., Burbank, CA

“Just make an appointment now! It’s totally worth the trip, even if you have to travel.”

Heather W. Austin, TX

“I would recommend any plus size bride within a 200 mile radius to go in. It’s really worth it.”

Nicole B., Downey, CA

“This is what shopping for your wedding dress should be like. It was the experience I dreamt about.”

Adriana K., Alhambra, CA

“I would recommend this place to any bride to be!!!!”

Stephanie S., Phoenix, AZ

“This is a fantastic place for a curvy bride. Stress free, elegant and intimate.”

Krista H., Beverly Hills, CA