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Our Values

Every bride, no matter the shape or size, deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day, and every day after. We strive to create a safe space for our brides to be authentically themselves and to find a dress that embodies exactly who they are. When a bride walks through the doors of Della Curva, they feel a weight lifted off their shoulders as they are greeted by our highly qualified stylists whose main objectives are to help women feel confident and beautiful in the body they have. We want to give a bride that magical bridal experience they deserve no matter what size they happen to be.

If you are a plus sized bride and are reading this, we want you to be excited for the next steps in your bridal journey and to know that you will be the most beautiful bride on your wedding day. Della Curva is here to give you the confidence and the comfort to feel genuinely, purely and authentically yourself on your special day :)

Charities We Support


Della Curva proudly supports Arts for Change

Arts for Change, founded by Genie Benson and Wendy Kout, is a non profit production company whose mission is to change the world through art. We create, develop, produce and support plays, films, dance, music and literature to inspire tolerance, social reform, equality and positive personal change. Our first project is bringing the acclaimed and internationally produced Holocaust and tolerance teaching play, SURVIVORS, to students at schools in underserved communities throughout Los Angeles and the West Coast. We are honored to be partnered on this production with Holocaust Museum LA and the Holocaust Education Center of StandWithUs.



Della Curva proudly supports Rover's Retreat and Precious Pals Pet Rescue

At Della Curva, we are passionate about animals and committed to supporting animal rescues and animal welfare organizations. Among our favorite local charities are Rover's Retreat, situated in the San Fernando Valley, and Precious Pals Pet Rescue, situated in Encino.


We admire their dedication to providing shelter, care, and medical care to companion animals in need.

By supporting Rover's Retreat, Precious Pals Pet Rescue, and similar organizations, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of these beloved creatures who bring so much joy and companionship into our lives.

Together, let's contribute to a world where every animal is treated with love, and compassion and can find their forever home.