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Welcome to Della Curva

Welcome to Della Curva

Welcome to Della Curva. Mobile Image

Oct 20, 2015

Dear Friends!

Well, hello! This is Lisa, co-owner of Della Curva, and this is our FIRST DELLA CURVA blog post!

Della Curva, For the Curvy Bride, has been in business now for EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS! Sara, Ruby, Burt and I couldn’t be happier to be here to service and help make all of our Curvy Brides feel their most beautiful on their big day! So far we have met beautiful curvy brides from all over Los Angeles and Southern CA, Northern CA, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington , and Alaska, just to name a few. It is so rewarding to us when we can literally see our brides’ eyes open wide upon entering our salon, as they exclaim in wonderment, “You mean all these dresses are going to fit me?!”

Sara, Ruby, Burt and I plan on taking turns writing posts for our Della Curva Blog. So expect to see posts on a variety of subjects; and of course, not to be missed, we will showcase our gorgeous brides!

The first bride I’d like to showcase is the FIRST bride that we sold, right before Della Curva was officially opened!

Jessica Fairchild is a very talented Santa Barbara wedding photographer, and last year, she took amazing pictures of one of my Lili Bridals (I also own Lili Bridals & Formals which started with my grandmother – Lili – in 1958) brides’ wedding. On Facebook, I noticed the picture below–Jessica had recently become engaged!

So, I introduced myself, told her about the new store that were opening, and the rest is history!

Upon meeting Jess, she already knew what she wanted: Vintage, A-line and long, off-the-shoulder sleeves…

We had just received a gorgeous new Sophia Tolli gown…not exactly what she wanted (it was strapless) but never fear! We added custom long sleeves, a gorgeous beaded belt to show off her small waist, and the result was bridal gown MAGIC! The gown featured “Point d ‘Esprit” lace, from France, Point D’ Esprit means literally: “Lace of Spirit” ….And BOY does Jessica have spirit! <3