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Della Curva Newest Photoshoot is up!

Della Curva Newest Photoshoot is up!

Oct 03, 2016

For those of you who follow Della Curva on social media, you have most certainly seen the beautiful photos we have posted of gorgeous curvy models wearing our gowns.  When we first opened our doors in 2013, the only photos of the wedding gowns we’d be selling were photographed in what the industry deemed as “plus-size” models–who were in actually like size 12-14…

Wait!  What?!  Size 12-14?!  Really?!  Thats definitely not OUR kind of curvy!!! Disappointing?  Yes!  Surprised?  Heck no!  The bridal industry’s idea of what represented OUR curvy bride wasn’t even close to being right for us.  So, we decided to take matters into our on hands and…

As if by divine intervention, and just before we had our grand opening, we met a dynamic young wedding photographer from Santa Barbara, California.  A wedding photographer who was herself getting married at that time.  Her name is Jessica Fairchild and not only is she a brilliant photographer, but she is also beautiful — inside and out!  Oh, and did we mention that she’s a curvy girl too?  Brilliant, beautiful and curvy…  It just doesn’t get any better then that!  How lucky were we to have someone like that just show up on our doorstep at that particular time?  Right?!

Anyway, not only did Jessica say yes to the dress from us but she also said yes to doing a photo shoot for Della Curva.  Three weeks later we were in Santa Barbara with Jessica, her fiancée James (her partner in love and photography), Jessica’s equally beautiful sister Dani and Dani’s gorgeous best friend April as our curvy models.

What an amazing day we had!!!  The resulting photos were splashed across our website, advertising campaigns, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.  And what a terrific body- positive reaction our photos created!  Everyone loved them!  Here are a few: So, fast-forward to September 2016 and Della Curva’s three-year anniversary.  It was time for another photo shoot so we once again gathered with our favorite photographers and models from Santa Barbara to create another amazing photo shoot with all new dresses and accessories.

We just received the brand new photos and once again, they do not disappoint!!!  For the first time anywhere here they are.

I mean GAH! We are simply speechless at the beauty of these images!

A special thanks to:

REAL Della Curva Bride Kassie Castro who we met instantly and knew she needed to  be our next Della Curva Model! To April Satterthwaite for being our beautiful model yet again <3

Tyler Spier – our event planner and coordinator, for his art direction, design and for this AMAZING venue, his private Greenhouse at The Orchid Farm in Santa Barbara CA .

And of course to Jessica and James for their amazing photographic artistry and for bringing out the TRUE beauty in every woman ( and man)  in front of their lens! <3


The Della Curva Curvy Crew