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Custom Order Your Dress–Just For You!

Custom Order Your Dress–Just For You!

Custom Order Your Dress–Just For You!. Mobile Image

Dec 01, 2015

Greetings Beautiful Brides!

Did you know at Della Curva we can customize your dress just for you? Do you need a back raised? Do you want a corset instead of a zipper to show off those fabulous curves? A longer train? Or do you want to add sleeves to a strapless dress?? Yes! Yes– WE CAN DO IT–all of it!

At Della Curva we work with designers that will customize for us. So–as long as you have enough time to order– That means you can design your own gown!

So–the nitty gritty. We know you have some questions…here are some answers:

Q:How long does it take to order?
A: Average ordering time is 4-5 months, sometimes more.  BUT depending on the designer we have been known to get a customized gown in 3 months. ( Rush fees will apply)

Q: These gowns are REALLY expensive, right?

A: NO! We can do a customized dress for $1500 and up, it just depends on the changes requested, and the base price of the gown we start with.

Q: Does this include alterations?

A: No, it is not a truly “custom” gown made in-house. Truly custom gowns are started with a muslin and pinned on your body to exact fit. We are “customizing” or ordering this dress from a designer,with the specified changes and they are creating it across the country ( or across the world)  So you will still need alterations.

Q: Can I see examples?

A: What took you so long to ask? But of course!! Read on… 

So call us to make your appointment to order a customized gown–or you may like one JUST as it is!